Crying Time with Hubby

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hubby and I just had a share of our crying time today. It's because of me, we just sat on the table for our dinner before he left for work this afternoon and while having dinner I told him about the news article I read over the internet yesterday which talked about this chinese lady who recued adopted 100 stray dogs aside from the hundreds of dogs that she already had animal shelter. Most of those 100 stray dogs came from the areas where the massive earthquake devastated China's Sichuan province in May 12th . So, I was telling hubby that some of those dogs had crippled legs due to the quake and the chinese lady and her workers just put a cart made of PVC pipes to support the hips of the crippled dogs. I told hubby that I was crying while I was reading that news article and also told him that I felt so sorry for those animals. Then, hubby told me that I have a great love for animals which made me start to cry. I looked at hubby and saw him crying too and we both cried. Every now and then hubby and I have this crying time together when we tell sad stories. Hubby will start to shed tears too when he sees me crying.


Enday said...

ang sweet naman..hehe

cute nyo siguro..

Euroangel said...

cool story...together parati in good and bad

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